CAD Drawings

Series Description Download File Size Preview
825YIndoor Installation

Download54 kbPreview
825YOutdoor Freeze Protection

Download54 kbPreview
825YOutdoor Installation

Download57 kbPreview
825YA 90° Outlet Configuration Outdoor

Download61 kbPreview
825YA90° Inlet Configuration Outdoor

Download62 kbPreview
825YA90° Inlet Indoor

Download61 kbPreview
825YA90° Outlet Configuration Indoor

Download58 kbPreview
825YAInline Configuration Inline

Download67 kbPreview
825YAStandard Configuration Indoor

Download56 kbPreview
825YAStandard Configuration Outdoor

Download52 kbPreview
825YAStandard Configuration Outdoor Freeze Protection

Download54 kbPreview
860Indoor with Strainer

Download133 kbPreview
860Outdoor Freeze Protection with Strainer

Download74 kbPreview
860Outdoor Installation with Strainer

Download65 kbPreview

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